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  • Floats

    Need help with the best way to dot floats down really struggling getting it right float keeps going under

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    Need some help best way to don't down pole floats what do people us for 4x10 4x12 and 4x14 thanks


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      Hi Youngun,

      Any size float can be "dotted it down"........ dotting the float down, just means taking the bristle of the float down to a mere pimple, reducing the amount of bristle seen on the waters surface.

      This can be done by simply adding shot........using micro shot (#10's 11's 12's or 13's) or small styles/stotz etc will help make tiny adjustments easier.

      A couple of things you might also want to try are the following:

      1) Varnish your pole floats with "Hard As Nails" or similar prior to use.... this helps protect the float body from line cuts etc ALSO helps stop water from soaking into the body of the float. Over the course of a session you will find un-protected floats take on water, so a float that was shotted perfect at the start of the day, will later start to sink as water soaks in.

      2) Float choice can be the key if you are really struggling with dotting your floats down...... try pole floats with "hollow tips" as these are more buoyant than solid bristles and allow easier adjustment.

      3) When fishing the float dotted down, it's worth carrying a pot of Preston Bristle Grease (supplied in yellow & orange). If your float starts to sink a little low instead of removing a shot, a small dab of bristle grease on the float tip will help hold the float bristle up in the surface tension of the water...... you can also use vasoline for this.

      4) Another thing you might try is to "back shot" this means you have a small shot (or some shot) above the float..... shot your float the same way as normal then by placing a small shot above the float this can be raised and lowered when fishing, to fine tune how the float sits in the water, also a good idea when pole fishing in the wind, as it helps control the float reducing the amount the line between the pole tip and the float is blown around.

      5) When making up your rigs, if you need to take off shot at anytime the following tool is very useful...... they have pliers on one end for putting shot onto the line, but they also have a spike at the other end - you lay your line in the v-grove and gently close the pliers the spike opens the shot on your line & it just falls off.... without damaging the line itself.



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        Awesome advice from Silvers Si. I would add:

        Assuming you're talking about pole floats, shot your rig at home in a large vase full of water with a drop of Fairy liquid added to reduce the surface tension. Shot it to the base of the bristle - don't dot it down in the vase or it will sink when you actually use the rig as there'll be less surface tension to hold it up. Fine tune it on the bank using dust shot - I use no 12 or 13 stotz which are tiny but really easy to get on the line with the aid of a Stotta due to their shape - I find shot this size impossible to use.

        Also, the device in the image in Si's post is called a Levapiombo - made by Stonfo - they are excellent