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Hooklink for carp floating

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  • Hooklink for carp floating

    Would 15lb fluro hooklink be ok for floating on clear water for average 12/15 lb carp, that's all I have in fluro. Ill be using a 12 mono mainline as its versatile. I also have 8 lb brown mono I could use.

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    If your talking about fishing floating baits? then go for the lowest diameter you feel confident with,under the right circumstances I go down to 6lb maxima straight through(quite often use the mainline to make the hooklink).
    If fishing more than a few rodlengths with a controller make sure the line between the float and hook is treated with some form of floatant(I use Vaseline).
    If fishing the margins,try to keep as much(all if you can)of the line off the surface and the diameter will not be an issue.

    This pretty mirror was taken a couple of weeks back on freelined crust on 6lb mono straight through a foot from the bank.
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    Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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      Thanks I will use floating bait if I see any fish taking, sorry if I wasn't clear I was thinking of using a sinking bait mainly like a lobby about 5-6ft deep, I havnt done a lot of either so good to learn what I can

      Nice mirror, I will take crusty bread just incase.


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        Unless you want to use "specialist" hooklinks then flouro or plain mono will catch on most venues,the rule used to be that the hooklink was a lower breaking strain than the mainline but that has gone out of the window in recent years,so again the finer the end rigs the more bites you are likely to get but unless they are up to the job of actualy landing the fish its a bit pointless,there"s nothing clever about hooking a dozen carp and losing most of them through breakages(although I have heard anglers actualy bragging about it).
        The breaking strains you need will vary from venue to venue and even from swim to swim,I would suggest no lower than 6lb for snag free areas and no more than 12lb(or the same as your mainline) for swims that may be snaggy.
        Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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          Ok thanks for the advice, I found some hooklink material I think will be perfect ill probably go 10lb, its for zigs so the same but upside down in clear

          On the subject of zigs, why do people go to the trouble of zigs when it's easier to float in some situations?


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            With a zig,the bait remains in the same position,can be cast a much greater distance and has far more effective hooking properties.
            Its designed as an "up in the water" method when vast quantities of carp are not the main objective although huge catches were made at Drayton this year fishing zigs and sloppy spod mix at 100yds plus.
            Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.