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Not hooking up as my name suggests

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  • Not hooking up as my name suggests

    Hi I need abit of advise please, started carping again after long time out of fishing and blanked 4/4 lol, my main problem is I'm just not hooking them.
    It's a clear lake gravel/weed with fish say upper doubles average and 80 yards ish range.

    I'm getting halfarsed runs (if that makes sense) with never a fish on, i started using standard hair rig and chod rig, I then learnt how to tie IQD rig in the hope that would work better but also had semi runs on that, I had 1 proper screaming run how I remember but after 10 seconds I lost it, all my rig was intact and the hook was still razor shap, I make sure all my hooks are good, IQD rig use size 8 hook.

    Used inline 3.5 oz lead now using 3oz on lead clip, sometimes back lead sometimes not.

    What could I be doing so wrong? Lol

    Surely can't just be bad luck

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    They might not be carp. Possibly skimmers?
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      Um I don't think there are bream? (Could be wrong) but there are tench, that could defiantly be a possibility, would smaller species go for 15-20 mm which are some sized baits I've used.
      The 1 I lost was defiantly a carp



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        If fishing over gravel change over to a supple coated braid hooklength on a short braided hooklength tied blowback style to stop the dropped bites. If you don't think you're getting dropped bites attach the hair to the hook shank using a piece of silicone tube instead of a rig ring. That way if you get a few beeps and then nothing you can reel in and look at your rig to see if the tubing has moved down onto your knotless knot, if it has you've been done and you can make changes to your rig length or hair. Another common problem is making the hair too long, I tie mine so that the bait just brushes the very top of the hook. I've attached a photo to demonstrate a good hair length for braided blowback rigs.


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          Thanks for the advice I will give it ago and see what happens