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Term for 'carp fishing with multiple rods'

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  • Term for 'carp fishing with multiple rods'

    Good evening all,

    British translator here working on a French text about carp fishing. We have once again waded into complex concepts in the angling world.

    This text talks about two different types of carp fisher:
    • the first group who use press-fit rods
    • the second group who fish with a 'battery' (litteral translation)
    Can anyone help me refine the term for the second group? Images of the French term show a set of rods on the same stand - would the best term perhaps be 'multiple-rod fishing' or 'fishing with sets of rods'?

    As usual, thanks for your guidance.

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    Guess multiple rod set up should be fine. The multiple rod 'stands' are called Rod Pods


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      Thank you for your help.