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Autumn & Winter pike tactics

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  • Autumn & Winter pike tactics

    I'm thinking of concentrating on pike fishing through the winter & was looking for advice on the best tactics as i've never really specimen fished before.

    I'll be fishing 3 different waters probably.

    A small water about 10' deep & quite weedy. I had 2 out of this water on sunday on a lure, the biggest of which was around 6lbs, but theres one about 15lbs or so thats had a few skimmers off me this summer! I'd like to catch that !!!

    Another water is a little bigger & deeper, really weedy & full of small pike with a few upto 18lbs.

    Last is a huge lake that has a sloping bottom to around 30' then a hole in the middle that drops away to around 90' Theres some in there to around 20lbs, but knowone knows if theres bigger in there.

    All the waters are well stocked with roach, skimmers, bream, tench, perch & carp.

    Ant hints or tips would be welcome!

    Thanks in advance

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    If its allowed,on the smaller waters,id go with livebaits,free roving suspended or paternostered, this will help overcome the weed problem, if you go with deads then you will be better off popping them up above the weed or balancing them so they sink slowly and sit on the weed,you can also fish deads suspended and drift them on the wind to cover more water,wobbled deadbaits(sink and draw)can be deadly on the right days,combinations of these methods will work on almost any water,the most important thing is location,find the prey fish and the pike wont be far away,fish CLOSE TO cover that the pike will use to ambush thier prey.Hope this helps,Regards Peter.
    Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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      PAC Website Contents Here is a link to vast amounts of useful info.
      Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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        I'm not mad keen on using livebaits but I'll try the deadbait methods, thanks. The smallest water is the one I fish most. You can only fish from one bank but that side has loads of tree cover. Infact, the one that was taking the skimmers is about 4' from a peg, under a tree. The 2 on sunday came from that peg, so not sure if the bigger one is still there, but theres only one way to find out!


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          The trees would be my first choice,approach quietly,and fish as close as you safely can to the cover,as i said pike will follow the food but they can be territorial,at least until theyve been caught a few times.
          Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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            Whats the best time of day for them? Dawn, dusk or full light


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              A lot of venues do tend to have specific feeding times,but in general ive found from first light to around 11.00am and from 2.00pm to half an hour before dusk,and most night sessions for me anyway often prove pointless,im now more inclined to reel in and get a good nights sleep(not worrying about not hearing a run)and casting out again at first light,it obviously varies from one water to another but these times on average appear to be most productive for me.Regards Peter. ps overcast days with at least some breeze also seem best.(but have caught in bright sunlight with the water like glass).
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              Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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                Thanks for that. I'm in cumbria, on the coast so it's always breezy & overcast!!! I'll be out this weekend in it!