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Do you need balsa?

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  • Do you need balsa?


    Just enquiring into making some dead bait sticks and looking round my local B&Q they dont sell balsa dowel (as expected) i can get pine or hardwood but would these work? balsa is good because of its lightness i guess but im just interested if these other woods would work. Its hard for me to get too a modeling shop you see.

    Many Thanks

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    I tried making some pole floats from pine dowells, the logic being the reduced bouyancy would offer less resistance. Problem is that line bites will sink the float, and the reduced bouyancy compared to balsa looks like a bite.

    Whats a dead bait stick?

    I have about 2ft of 10mm balsa dowell that you can have if you pay post. Will cut it to sticks if you want on my chopsaw, nice square ends.

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      Balsa,is best for sticks but rig foam can be used but i prefer a popper.
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        im not a big fan of these pop up balls etc, much prefer the pop up to be in the fish, and luke it basically just goes inside a deadbait to make it pop up, i'll have that off yah if you dont mind, just let us know how much it is you want and prob best if you cut it into 6inch sticks for postage Cheers


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          postage will be buttons, just PM me your addy.

          How do you attach it to the line?

          Half man, half Octoplus, half bean wannabe test pilot.


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            Cut it too length wanted, sand one end ito like a smooth point (can just put it through a couple of turns in a pencil sharpener and the smooth the edges) the drill it and attach some trace wire along with a clip. then i just clip it onto one of the eyes on a treble and shove it down the baits mouth

            Hope that did'nt make it sound too complicated because its really simple! And see PM


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              I no that Mick Brown just stuffs his dead baits with polystyrene, The Fox Sticks are good because you get your baits back if they get pulled off the trebles!

              Fox Dead bait Floater sticks on eBay (end time 06-Nov-10 13:25:59 GMT)
              [SIZE="4"][/SIZE][B]Carp - 25lb 8oz
              Pike - 11lb
              Sturgeon - 26lb 3oz
              Roach - 2lb
              Chub - 4lb[/B]


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                ive used cork and polystyrene before, just find it abit fiddly, especially when you had cold hands! and with using soft baits like smelt i end up peircing it! also it means tying the bait to the trace otherwise you could leaft a pike with the pop-up in it.

                Exuse the spelling! cant spell today!