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36lbs 15oz Ghost Carp

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  • 36lbs 15oz Ghost Carp

    Hi Guys

    This week one of my mates had a great result on this lake catching one of the big ones at 36lbs 15oz , If you like to see the monster we have uploaded a video from his trip to youtube.

    Carp fishing pop up rig ( Helps catch new P.B ghost carp ) - YouTube

  • #2
    Nice fish, but how is it a ghost carp?


    • #3
      i agree phil, dont look like a ghostie to me ??


      • #4
        Got some paler markings on the head, but I wouldn't go nicknaming it Casper yet, lol.


        • #5
          nice carp ....
          In darkness we do what we can
          In daylight we're oblivion


          • #6
            Nice fish, shame about the first 7 minutes of the video!


            • #7
              its 100% a ghost carp but looking at a few of the pic does look like a normal common. , Dave at about 1 min or so into the video at the bottom tells you to skip if you not really into the whole talking part mate , thanks for comments was a great fish .


              • #8
                Not being funny mate, but I breed ghosties.... it should at least have shiny pecs :-)

                Perhaps the light isn't showing it up properly on the pics?

                Still a very nice fish whatever, beautiful proper carp shape


                • #9
                  Hi All.
                  nice fish , but like the rest are saying, i don't think it looks like a ghostie.
                  all the best steve.


                  • #10
                    100% agree about the photos not really helping my case here , But this is a name fish in the lake ( Big Ghostie ) and if you see this fish on the bank I'm sure you will change your minds as really think photos have not showed the colours great . Thanks for the great comments was an amazing fish and one i have been after for 4 years . Also if you see the fish at the end of the vid the 21lbs common , The commons are all dark like this in the lake .