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Just for a change.

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  • Just for a change.

    Well with the forecast of just the odd shower yesterday,I decided to have a break from the normal 3 rod set up and visit one of the club lakes for a spot of stalking.
    Unfortunately floating baits are banned so surface fishing was off the agenda.
    I spent the day fishing the margins useing my second favourite method,quill and pin with a couple of tins of corn and satchet of cat meat(total cost of less than a pound).
    Fished from around midday till 9.00pm and caught a number of fish from a couple of pounds to just under ten.
    It made a pleasant change and something I should do more often.
    Do any of you guys like a bit of variety in your fishing methods/tactics?

    Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.

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    i like to mix it up too, pole, feeder, waggler whatever i'll do it. shame about the floater ban, i had 27 carp for a little under 200lb last sunday, match winner had 43lb, didn't go down too well, all caught on a cut down pop up on the surface, went with sardine and anchovy flavour mainly due to the colour being similar to mixers. having a waggler day tomorrow and who knows what next week.
    i'm not lazy, just energy efficient.


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      Stalking off the top with dog biscuits, is what we look forward to after a day's pleasure fishing till dark, nothing better!!


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        It knocks spots off any other method for me,but what infuriates me most is the reasons given for "banning" the method,I can see a fair amount of logic behind not allowing it under "match" conditions,but until they find a venue where each angler fishes in his own personal pool where all conditions are equal and each pool has exactly the same number and size of fish and they all have to use exactly the same tackle and bait,I doubt you will ever please them all,and where wildfowl create a genuine hazard,other than that all the other reasons are total poppycock,damaging fishes mouths,wild striking,cracking off and it"s not sporting all come to mind.
        OK I"ve opened the can of worms.
        Over to you.
        Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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          there are some wildfowl where i fish but you just have to twitch the hookbait slightly and they leave it well alone ( probably all been caught before by people not paying attention) , there are some places locally where floaters are banned so i just don't go there if its warm, damaging fishes mouths is probably due to some of the monstrous hooks i've seen peeps using, everything up to a size 4! if you have everything set up correctly you won't crack off and you don't need to strike, they hook themselves. as for unsporting, what about sitting behind alarms having a doze until a buzzer screams or using the method?
          i'm not lazy, just energy efficient.