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Good Groundbait mix for tench

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  • Good Groundbait mix for tench


    Any good advice on a groundbait mix for tench. Fishing for tench in the Gloucester canal. Thanks.


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    Just put plenty hemp in it, they love it


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      Hi chap,

      I like the sensas carp but with the big bits taken out with a riddle, then add a bit of liquid worm extract but dont know if this works on the Gloucester as I havent fished it - perhaps some other members will give you better advice.
      Simon Young
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        I always add a touch of aniseed to my tench GB
        Dave Kightley



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          I agree with Polepot. Use plenty of hemp but add loads of casters as well.

          Didn't think there were that many tench oin the Glouster canal.

          Where abouts are you fishing it


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            Fishing a team match there in Sept.

            There will be six sections. The only one I can remember at the minute is the Castle stretch.There is also a stretch behind a cinema..all the other info is in work. Do you fish it often Fred?


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              I always use the Bloedmeal additive that VDE produce when I am specifically fishing for tench. As the name suggests it has dried blood in it and tench seem to love it. A few years back I fished a few lakes in the Lea Valley (Hertfordshire) a fair bit and the only time I ever caught them was when I put this in the groundbait mix. Without Bloedmeal I wouldn't catch tench, even with the rest of the mix the same (primarily red Expo or Lake3000 plus brown crumb) and same loose fed (caster, corn and pellet).
              A Southerner, lost in the Midlands. ;)


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                I used to fish it a lot a few years ago before I moved to Bishops Stortford.

                I was pegged opposite the Castle once.

                Are you fishing for them in particular or are you going to fish a match.


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                  Fishing a match.

                  Apparently that section was stocked last year with tench.

                  Any help would be appreciated.




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                    Glos Canal

                    Havent fished the canal for 18 months but it wont have changed that much, prior to that i fished it for years and years.
                    I think if you specifically target tench you may come unstuck. A good all round mix for the gloster would be 50/50 supermatch & supercup (this was Kim Milsoms usual mix).
                    If you are sure about these tench throw some expo in (if you can find it in any shops these days). Avoid fishmeal though as you will put the roach off and you will need all the fish you can.

                    Use casters in and squatts you could also suffocate some pinkies but using anything lively will be lost in the silt. Keep this in mind with your hookbaits on the feeder as well and twitch the bait a little.

                    If you are on the cinema stretch there are plently of skimmers on the pole line or gb feeder 1/2 way to 3/4 across (always try a couple of white squatts on the hook). Cinema stretch is deep, make sure you make your rigs with plenty of line on them.

                    I have had some good roach catches with a open end feeder with liquidized bread and punch on the hook, fished against the far bank at cinema but september may be a bit early for that.

                    If you are on the castle stretch take some hemp and tares and feed a pole line at about 8 to 9m.

                    Let me know what other sections are in and i tell you what i know.

                    Cheers for now