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Eyed Hooks/Pellet Sizes

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  • Eyed Hooks/Pellet Sizes

    Being relatively new to commercial fishery tactics I am curious what preferences there are in eyed hooks for fishing pellets. Is there a general rule for sizes and patterns (eg B911 eyed 16 for 4mm) and does it differ for hair rigs as opposed to hooking the pellet?

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    i have been using B911's for a couple of years and think they are an excellent pellet hook that stays sharp, i dont personally use eyed hooks, finding a spade sits better on the line
    Matt Smith
    Bag'em matchbaits


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      Thanks for that!

      Perhaps I should explain a little clearer - I am mainly looking at what patterns and sizes are used for hair rigs, in particular what hook size to pellet size. It is only this season that I have ventured onto commercials and hence eyed hook patterns, pellets, etc. are a minefield to me! If it's silverfish I'm bagging but this carping lark is a new game to me.


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        Bit of a minefield, hook sizes, getinback.There is such a difference between a 16's of one make to a 16's of a different make.

        FWIW, I tend to use a fox series 2 in a 14's or 16's through the summer and preston PR28 ( or is it 27?) in a 16's or 18's in winter for hair-rigging.Both are what you might call 'oversize' , but the fox are huge!

        I don't think there are any set rules, but you have to take into account the size of the bait and the length or the hair.A large bait on a short hair will need a larger hook, where as the same bait on a long hair may not need such a large hook , as the bait will not 'mask' the hook .A good deal of imagination is required in guessing how the fish are taking the bait, with regard to the length of the hair.

        I have experimented with eyed hooks when hooking the bait directly on the hook ( pole fishing), but have drifted back to spades.I'll probably have a pleasure session on Sunday, when I expect to fish a 4mm expander on a 20's or 18's B911.In the summer the pellet size will increase to a 6mm and the hooks will be spade end versions of the fox and preston hooks mentioned above.


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          Cheers Duffers, just what I was looking for!

          Being honest, I never thought of considering the length of the hair so that has given me another factor to experiment with! Thanks again. Might venture to Holgan myself on Sunday if time permits - the Christmas shopping!


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            No problem, if you're lucky someone else might chip in with a few more pointers


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              I fished today and left the tip rod in the car and had to get the ice breaker out, so you might still want to go crimbo shopping. anyway i thought i could add to your hair rig detail, Dont make your loop to small this just makes things difficult when locating your hair stops and try to colour coordinate your hair stops with your hook baits.