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Float Rod Or Carp Rod, Differnce?

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  • Float Rod Or Carp Rod, Differnce?

    Hi Guys,

    what actually is the difference between these, becasue i have read on angling websites and they say that some float rod are good for trotting down a river to banging them on carp venues, so the test curve may be pretty alright? please advise me.


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    normally carp rods are more tough and for a heavier type of fishing, you can use heavier types of rigs on it to.
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      Carp rods are measured by their test curve usually from 2lb through to 3lb, that is the weight needed to pull the tip ring through 90 degrees with the rod held horizontal, a waggler rod will be considerably less in test curve than the lightest carp rod and cover rods for silver fish to carp wagglers which will have the added power to handle bigger fish, a general purpose waggler rod will handle fish up to 4 - 5 lb but if you are bagging up on carp you need something a bit stronger, another good identification to how strong a rod is the recommended line weights which many manufacturers will state on their web sites or in their catalogues.
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