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Diawa Tournament Shield Brolly Feedback

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  • Diawa Tournament Shield Brolly Feedback

    Do any of you own or have come into contact with a Diawa Tournament Shield Brolly, or the Levelpegger. Just wondering what your thoughts were, are they any good, and what are your experiences?

    I have just ordered one as the club i have just joined dont allow Oval Brollies (God knows Why????) and this seems the best bet for coverage etc.
    Any info would be realy appreciated.

    Kind Regards

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    just saw one on ebay for £21 new. Mmmm


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      Really is that a buy it now price???? Bid on one the other day but it went for £33 + £12.50 p+p. Have ordered from my local dealer at £49.99 ,rrp £64.99-delivered and g/teed to replace if there are any problems as i have heard that they are a bit dodgy with wind etc- blowing inside out.Planning to use storm poles etc for extra stability.


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        we have sent all of our level peggers back as found the carbon fiber spines were breaking there was some problems with the torn shield last year but the problem has now been rectified. £49.99 for level pegger is the correct price



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          Thanks mate, paying £49.99 for the Tournament Shield, which i thought was a good price. Hope the issue with the level pegger isnt on this model as well, tobe honest what infoi have found hasnt been good, so its fingers crossed.


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            Originally posted by fluro
            the club i have just joined dont allow Oval Brollies (God knows Why????)
            Thats weird - Can you find out why?


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              Its basically only on one of the waters which is on a golf course, with the no nights rule i think its their way of ensuring nobody kips over? Could also be due to keeping the looks of the golf course with it being a private course?


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                Who the hell makes oval brollies? I've never seen one
                [URL=""]Shot Calculator[/URL]


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                  hehe, almost all manufacturers my friend but its a carp thingso i can understand you missing them!