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2nd question for carpmagic

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  • 2nd question for carpmagic

    OK here we go ....gonna fish method/bomb/open end feeder at this time of year should i reduce my line strengh or stick with what i use in summer months.... or maybe reduce my hook lenghts i have been 6lb main with 4lb it gets really tecchy or should i go to a low diameter line that probably has a higher breaking strain than i am using now but lower diameter

    or have i totally blew my own brains here and making it to difficult for myself

    i never said it was gonna be easy
    In darkness we do what we can
    In daylight we're oblivion

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    Larry! You have me confused if im honest! So best thing is to tell you what i use. For method feeder i use a 4 or 5lb reel line and a hooklength of 0.18 or heavier depending on fish size. For straight lead i use 4lb reel line and 0.16 diameter hooklength or heavier again depending on fish size. The more i fish for carp in winter the more convinced i am that if you are on a few then they arent line shy, and if you arent then you can go down to 0.06 and it wont make any difference.
    Steve Ringer
    Carpmagic - Talk Angling UK


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      thanks Steve....... i knew what i but your answer covers what i wanted to know
      In darkness we do what we can
      In daylight we're oblivion


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        i agree with steve there but 0,17mm i wont go any heavier than that on the straight lead i think any thicker gets rid of the balance when fishing lighter hooks for all species not just carp.
        sensas /total angling


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          In the depths of winter I have often fished 0.12 for Carp on the bomb and feeder but this is when they are sluggish and dont pull back has hard, also this is in pegs where there is open water and no snags.

          I remember before the days of high tech lines when we would fish bayer or ultima or something like that and happily land big carp on lighter line than we would ever consider today! Its a confidence thing mainly I think, many people dont realise how hard you can pull on 0.06 on a rod - but look at some of Steve's previous posts its often not ideal to pull hard and line for carping needs to be durable more than thin!
          Simon Young
          Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
          web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


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            i totally agree with steve i use 0.16 for bomb and dont believe in going to light cus at the end of the day you want to get em all in.
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              I'm with Steve on this one. Carp aren't line shy, you just need to have them in your swim. No prizes for losing em


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                If its for the Bradley Green match Larry, don't what ever you do go too light. If you do you are garanteed to hook one of the big doubles that will head straight for the bushes.
                Paul Webster