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this weeks question for carpmagic

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  • this weeks question for carpmagic

    (bet he dreads me ) after totally confusing you last week this week is easy OK here you think the sound of feed it pellet ,groundbait or just water attracts the fish and not just on commercials but on normal venues as well?
    In darkness we do what we can
    In daylight we're oblivion

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    You dont need a superstar to answer that one....

    Of course it does.


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      no you are right Lee .... but Steve would probably have given a full answer so all levels of anglers would have understood i presume you really didn't think i new the answer...... the object of the question was to generate a post that had some depth and maybe would interest a few anglers i may appear to be an idiot but actually far from it (no comments here please ) so now i blew my own cover and so will answer some of the question myself yes i believe the sound of bait hitting reeds and pads ie hemp & castor attracts fish.. and Mr Conroy a great canal angler proved it once by throwing in half house bricks and then catching straight away over it . i am not sure about commercials i have little experience of catching on those but i am sure they wont let me throw half hose bricks in every few minutes
      In darkness we do what we can
      In daylight we're oblivion


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        It's the same as cupping water or splashing the pole on the water, works on some places where they are used to loads of bait being fired in
        keep the questions coming larry


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          To add a little to this thread on our main pool which is carp orientated, I have fished up in the water where when i fed a few caster or pellet it resulted in a skimmer, but if I tapped the pole it resulted in a carp, the answer was not to stop feeding and solely tap the pole that resulted in no fish, but as soon as I introduced some feed back they came.


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            Larry have a look at the Tapping article by Mark harrington -
            Simon Young
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              The answer to your question Larry depends largely on the time of year. In the winter i think the noise of bait going in can often have a detrimental affect to your fishing. In the summer however the opposite is quite true and the noise of bait being fed quite obviously draws fish into the peg. Having said that it doesnt mean the more noise you make with bait the more you will catch. Its a fine line as far as im concerned which comes down to feeding at the right times to both hold and draw fish into the area. An example of this would be when fishing shallow i often like to feed expanders and hard pellets. I use the hard pellets to make the noise to entice fish into my swim and then the soft expanders to feed them once this has been achieved. Another little tip is as soon as i hook a fish i feed a big pouch of hard pellets as this i believe makes an increased noise allowing me to keep fish in the peg whilst im playing my hooked fish.
              As for natural waters i would say yes the fish still come to the noise of bait being introduced but often not as aggressively as Carp in commercials do.
              Steve Ringer
              Carpmagic - Talk Angling UK


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                Steve ... as usual i thank you
                In darkness we do what we can
                In daylight we're oblivion


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                  At Greenhills the fish follow the noise of the tractor, because they know that the farmer has a sack of pellets on the back and hes about to throw them in.

                  When fishing shallow I sometimes feed corn with meat as the corn makes the noise and the splash but the meat sinks slower. After the fish arrive I only feed meat.


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                    Royst ,
                    There's no way I'm taking a tractor to my next venue or did you mean ATRACTOR as in bait additive .LOL.

                    I believe some clubs ban the tapping of the pole anyone else hear of this ??

                    Great reply as always and an interesting tip re: winter and summer.

                    Pete alias Larry,

                    When we fished Boldings in the summer of 2006, we were told when fishing corn to throw the corn in very hard to create some noise and also another tip they gave us was and this we usually try to avoid was, get the ducks (yes the ducks) into your swim in the margins as they will stirr up the sediment and this in time will attract the big guys into your swim.
                    Regards Billy Boy :)

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