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close season your opinion

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  • close season your opinion

    what is everyone's opinion of the close season.
    do you think it should carry on or are you of the opinion that it is a waste of good fishing time.
    im not to sure myself,there are reasons for it to be abolished, reason being there are very few anglers on the river banks compared to when it was first brought in.
    with the carp puddles now in abundance alot of people now fish these instead of a river so the pressure on the river fish is not so great.
    what do you think.

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    Personaly i can't see a reason for the close season for two reasons. Firstly this time of year a lot of anglers will stop fishing due to the weather conditions so they have brought in there own closed season. Secondly i lived and fished in holland for 6 years and they don't have a closed season. The fishing on rivers, lakes and canals is fantastic throughout the year so is not affected by a none closed season.

    I think the closed season was only brought in to keep the rifraf off the rivers while the gentry went trout fishing and so is outdated.
    Steve Davies


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      Just think how good the car parks / pegs / facilities etc would be on your favourite stretch of running water would be if they were run as a business like carp puddles. Wait til someone has the idea nicks all the good stretches of the severn and avon of small clubs and the baa and more people would fish them. Most of us anglers don't like long walks / muddy banks. Then maybe they could block off the flow of the river and fill it full of carp. Abolish the close season so we can fish all year at least from march to june the rivers are fishable from September onwards conditions are poor or unfishable


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        Closed season

        I still think we should have one gives the fish a rest and lets them gain confidence, but i would miss the winter fishing.


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          I always thought the fishing was poor for the first week or so after 16th June as the fish were not used to angler's baits after a 3 month lay off on natural waters. No reason for a layoff in my opinion.


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            I,d love a rest period/closed season and i the only way i,m gonna achieve that is if i self impose one, but whilst the fishery owners are making more money, the tackle shops are making more money, the manufacturers are making more money, so government revenue will increase, and i cant see them turning their back on a good thing.


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              I dont fish much in the winter tbh, not been yet this year and probably wont until the canal match on the 18th March, so I suppose thats a bit of a personal close season for me.