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TA Matches 2007

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  • TA Matches 2007

    Without doubt the most enjoyable part of a forum like this, is getting out and meeting fellow users on the bank, enjoying the banter, and fishing matches.
    I think that if the forum is to thrive, then there needs to be some matches arranged to build the relationships and friendly rivalries that we had a couple of years back. I dont know if the mods have anything in the pipeline, but know I from booking my local club matches that the top venues are booked up well in advance, so any matches for 2007 would need to be booked sooner rather than later.

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    The problem for me is we are all over the country...

    So we need to have regional match organisers I think - do we have any volunteers and if so which regions are you in?

    It may be running before we can walk but I would like to have it as a regional championship perhaps a league system culminating in a Talk Angling national final in a central location.... what do you guys think?

    I am in Doncaster so can do Yorkshire and surrounds.... Anybody want to volunteer?
    Simon Young
    Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
    web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


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      I am also in the yorkshire region, and I am quite happy for you to arrange matches in this area.



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        ill help out in my area
        sensas /total angling


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          sounds really good...... i don't mind doing my bit i have been looking for something to do since cornerstone wrapped up... maybe a league,teams of 3
          canal, pool , river...
          In darkness we do what we can
          In daylight we're oblivion


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            Good idea a nice bit of variety mate, not sure you will get many on the river or canal, (lack of carp) but can live in hope! Larry ( Pete ) with your experience i think you would be ideal for the Midlands region mate, nice one


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              right i just posted a really long post about what to do im not doing it again but just to tell you basically

              right if we want to get something sorted for next year we need to sort it out now get it in the waterworks

              right if intrested in a league or something

              i was thinking of a match between two people at a time over a host of venues just like the one they do in match fishing

              right put down or names the nearest mercial or river a nicely pegged river so are disabled members can fish it aswell

              dave ricks

              browning cudmore

              river servern shrewsbury qurry strecth
              sensas /total angling


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                the really long post got wiped off much to my big fingers that press all the buttons including the entertainment button which lost evertyhing
                sensas /total angling


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                  im thinking if we get 50 intrested 25 indivual matches which when you draw together you organise between yourself and also if we get south anglers intrested and north we have a people in north fishing againsnt each other and south againsnt each other minimize travel

                  or we could copy total fishing and just have meet ups on venues like club anglers
                  sensas /total angling


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                    Dave TA matches for members to have a get together would be best. The suggestion for some matches to be on different types of venues also has merit.
                    John - Kingfisher
                    Talk Angling Senior Member
                    Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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                      Dave not wishing to put a damper on any idea that would get us together, the idea of a knockout was mooted last year and did not get past the first round, it has its flaws for instance how many venues allow a keepnet in a 2 peg knockup, what if someone in lets say the north west eg. Liverpool draws some one in the south eg London, who sorts the venue is it home advantage, is it practical to exect either angler in this sort of case to travel 200+ miles to fish for what a fiver or a tenner?
                      It works for the magazines because they can afford the £200 prize money per round thats maybe cheaper than what they pay per article or feature.



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                        ok then knock ups it is
                        sensas /total angling


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                          good ideas really is a great opertunity....there is just one problem and i ain't trying to put a damper on things........but getting anglers to commit them selves is like Hereford winning the fa cup (sorry Hereford you know i love you ) its a problem i cant solve i have tried many things even enticement with big money prizes doesn't really work.... i like the idea of one on one...and regional to start with that may work BUT it means half the anglers would be knocked out straight away defeats my object of getting anglers together... maybe mini leagues with the winner and second go into next round least that way anglers will fish a few one to ones depending on how many anglers we get.... I'm easy long as something happens...
                          In darkness we do what we can
                          In daylight we're oblivion


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                            well regional knock ups is the best thing i think
                            sensas /total angling


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                              How about canals?

                              i get free matches on a canal near jtn9 of the M6