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is there a secret???

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  • is there a secret???

    match fishing in the winter,is it me or does everyone else struggle ? i know the fish are,nt playing like they do in the summer and weights are down but i really struggle for bites what is the secret ??

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    i think for me it is just a case of going back to basics and then refining them. ie dropping lines and hook sizes, obviusly bates. Most of all the biggest thing is your feed.


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      Yes the feeding is the most important factor... many people feed too much in the first five minutes of the match in winter and screw their pegs for the whole day - remember you have 5 hours to crack it and in winter often all you need is a good last hour to win the match.
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        Look for the tiniest indications on the float, any movemant at all then gently lift.
        Bites in winter can be extemely delicate and you will be surpised how many extra fish you will connect with!

        Also dot your float down to a pin head if conditions will let you.
        Some times you will have to bring it back with vasaline depending on the float pattern,you will see more bites this way that you would of not seen or struck at before.
        As everone says above get the feeding right and your two thirds there.

        I believe scalling down also helps in winter , especially hooks sizes as this will make your hookbait act more natural with a lighter hook.

        Or maybe you are just not drawing on the fish!!
        If they are no fish there you ain't going to catch them as they may be sholed up elsewhere...Well thats my excuse anyway...
        Roll on friday


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          cheers guys am out this weekend will give it a go and let you know how i get on


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            finished 4th, float dotted right down helped big time, although conditions were perfect for it, bit hard to see with a ripple ! sorted the feeding out as well , thanks guys


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              Nice one rob.ff !!! You are very welcome.
              Makes a shocking difference to your catch rate dosn't it?
              Roll on friday


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                u cant take it out but u can put it in


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                  doe,snt it ever, iwas thinking of all the other matches where i,ve blown out because of not seeing the bites and knowing the fish are there!!, onwards and upwards !!!!! (hopefully )


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                    bloodworm and joker suppliers

                    I hought I would page the oracle again and see if you wise men can come up with some suppliers, I bought some during the summer but arrived dead, they cost me 70quid for a kilo of each, are there any cheap suppliers about asa I want to practice with it for the spring and summer matches.On the local Newry canal they always bring on the fish, thanks