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BW Stillwater Championship 07

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  • BW Stillwater Championship 07

    Only got back from Hols today.
    Received a letter from BW out these matches they are organising.

    Sounds well intresting to me (1st £5000), especially when you read into it.

    Basically its 5 qualifying matches on some good waters (I've fished them all, and had some big old weights).
    80 peg matches with 8 section winners from each round going through to a 40 peg final at Blythe waters.
    That means you are only fishing against 9 other anglers to get a chance of winning £5000. Each section winner will pick up £130 (Where can you fish a 10 peg match for £130? - sounds easy money to me).

    I can see some peoples point that it's £40 to enter, but £20 goes straight into the pot for the final and the other £20 for the payout on the day. BW are only taking out the peg monies, they are not making anything out of this (not like that Mavers pairs do - don't get me started there - invites for pro's as well).

    My monies in the post, might see some of you there?

    Oh yea, I've heard Keith Fishers left BW and a new guy has taken over? Any one else heard this? Whats he like?

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    what are the dates for these matches?
    Matt Smith
    Bag'em matchbaits


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      Makins Fisheries 14th April
      Drayton Reservoir 12th May
      Earlswood Lakes (engine) 9th June
      Blythe Waters 14th July
      Clattercote Reservoir 11 August

      Final at Blythe 8th September

      They are all on Saturday


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        4th April Makins
        12th May Drayton
        9th June Earlswood Engine Lake
        14th July Blythe Waters
        11th Aug Clattercote
        8th Sept Blythe Waters Final

        £20 per round plus £20 pools on the day 80 pegs on each venue.


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          i might be tempted to give earlswood a bash, how do you enter?
          Matt Smith
          Bag'em matchbaits


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            Yes Keith Fisher has gone from BWB and his place has been taken by Carl Nicholls, welcome to the site Carl or should I say Lego



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              Matt6900 send a cheque to British Waterways, Attention Carl Nicholls, British Waterways, Peels Warf, Lichfield Street, Tamworth B78 3QZ, it needs one cheque for each venue.



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                Send a cheque for £20 made payable to British Waterways. State which qualifier and your name and address.

                Send to Carl Nicholls, British Waterways, Peels Wharf, Lichfield Street, Tamworth, B78 3QZ.

                Multiple entries must be paid in seperate cheques.


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                  i have been told some of these qualifies were already sold out in the summer
                  In darkness we do what we can
                  In daylight we're oblivion


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                    There are still tickets available for all venues.