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Swingtipping V Quivertipping

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  • Swingtipping V Quivertipping

    What ever happened to the art of swingtipping, why has it gone out of fashion, is it because most of the waters we fish these days have fish that just pull you rod in, but it interests me why anglers have given up on this method, when was the last time you tried it, or even used it, or do you even own a swingtip!

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    I was out on the Ouse by Ely yesterday, and the guy fishing opposite bank was actually using a swingtip. Funny think was i thought exactly the same as you first time i've seen it used for ages


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      earlswood on the yachting lake about 1820
      In darkness we do what we can
      In daylight we're oblivion


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        My last time I used a swing tip was around 1970 Upton on Severn been on the quiver most of the day, swopped over to the tip and a heavy bomb hey presto job done won the match with 5 bream for around 15 lb, two weeks later my purpose built feeder rod was ready for collection, think I still have one or two screw in swing tips knocking about but no rod.


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          Still got a drennen feeder rod with screw in tip and some screw in swing tips and quivers, not used it for many years but used to get some good results on the swing tip.

          I suppose the quiver is more vesitile than the swing as it can deal with windy conditions better, plus I used to get into a lot of tangles with the swing.

          So for me it the quiver, but if I were on a Bream water with ideal conditions I might go wth the swing.


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            Still got a swing tip rod but havent used it for a long time... I can remember many a bream match where the swing tip caught fish where the quiver would not!
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              swing tiping is one of best ways to fish in windy conditions, also i have big up on carp on this metherd more then the feeder. because there is no pressure on the line, so carp can not feel it as they pick up the bait, were with the feeder the tip it will have pressure on it. also with swing tip you can see drop back better and have more of a chance of hit them i must a mit that i have not fished with the swing tip for six years, iam more of a pole man to day but i would still to it day if i had to.