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Hair Rig (simple?)

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  • Hair Rig (simple?)

    Hi All,

    Last night i was watching fishing DVD featuring Kevin Maddocks - "Carp From The Start" and he said he was using a very simple hair rig, it looked rather simple and was very very effective! what he had was a simple hook tied with a blood knot at the end of the line and then hanging off the hook was nylon or more line which the boile was hanging from. Do you guys know what i mean? if so could you tell me how i do this and what i need - help apreciated.

    Many Thanks Gadz

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    O yeah i forgot to mention that he didnt say how he did the Hair Rig so just seeking to know if you guys know!


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      Without seeing the video its difficult to say how the hair is fixed, but it could just be simply a seperate piece of line or even dental floss tied in, the carp boys will also use a bit of silicone on the shank of the hook to keep the hair in line, remember the hair does not have to be as secure as the hook its only holding the bait, and as such comes under very little pressure.


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        When you are whipping in your hook just get some really light line - say 0.08 and make a loop in it then whip this into the hook along the shank so it hangs below the hook line you describe.

        Finish tying your hook and cut off the loose ends, then you have a loop below your hook. Get a baiting needle and push it through your boilie and then hook it onto the bottom of the loop... pull the needle back through the boilie and the loop with it. Then simply put a bait stop through the end of the loop and the boilie is secured in place.
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          Oneabug - i didnt understand this part "whip this into the hook along the shank so it hangs below the hook line you describe" i understand tying the loop but, attaching it to the hook. Simply stick the loop on the hook? help apreciated!

          Many Thanks


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            I can find the edit post symbol so ill just say it now, do you simply tie the hook like you would normally do... first ( blood knot)