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terre de somme

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  • terre de somme

    Saw larry teapot in a tackle shop today.He was very confused as he had been told to get a bag of terre de somme.He asked me and i was about to send him to the greengrocers,when the assistant came along with a bag of the terre de somme.Their was us thinking along the lines off a bag of potatoes,and low and behold it was a bag of DAMP LEAM.Why the fancy name for a bag of clay i dont know,but if anyone can now tell larry what to do with the bag[no sexual induendoes]he would be most gratefull.

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    i am right confused apparently it should have been pom de frit and i was in the wrong shop the chip shop was 2 doors down
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      Isn't it a war momento?
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      you're too old because you stopped playing