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Closed Season?

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  • Closed Season?

    Well March is fast approaching, when the Rivers and some lakes, ponds and canals close down. Do you have a break from it? Or do you carry on right through Spring?

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    i carry on because i fish that little in the winter plus if the fish are spawning they dont feed anyway so dont see how you can harm them
    :cool: [I]LeeTwin[/I] :cool:
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      Nothing more cruel than watching loads of carp in a certain peg tight to the bank spawning and thrashing around doing what comes natural, and some idiot trying to catch them, striking at line bites and foul hooking them, causing possible scares and undue stress that can lead to fatalities.
      Some people have won matches doing this when probably 50-70% of their catch was foul hooked and then stick em in a net for 5 hours when they are only doing what nature intended and then they feel proud of their achiement.
      Dont try and catch spawning fish!


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        I,ve got to agree with you Steve, there,s nowt clever in catchin spawning fish.


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          The fish in our lake spawn along one bank, right under the over-hanging branches, if they are still spawning/cleaning when the lake re-opens on 1st May, we close off that part of the lake, if not there's always some numpty who trys to hook 'em.


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            Done the ton, got flashed, got fined! Not in your car Steve!!
            John - Kingfisher
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