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What length for a margin pole

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  • What length for a margin pole

    I am looking to buy a margin pole for this coming summer season, there are various makes with lengths of 6mts to 10mts.

    Bearing in mind i will be fishing the TA match at Rolphs and fisho qaulifiers at Barford, woodland view, woodlands lake and lindholme what will be the optimum length margin pole i will need.

    I don't want to buy say a 8mtr pole and then find its to short for Rolphs were i gather they are used for fishing out in front due to there strength and the size of the fish there. Or were you have to fish down the edge up to 10 mtrs away.

    The reason i havn't just bought a 10 mtr margin pole is cost, if i will only use it up to 6 mtrs there is no point in paying out for the extra length.

    Thanks for any advise.
    Steve Davies

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    I've got the 8.5m Drennan margin carp, which is excellent at all lengths, but it's obviously limited by the length - if you've got a big feature in the margins beyond that length you're stuffed

    I'm coming more to the opinion that a strong long pole is probably a better option, a cheap (2nd hand?) power pole would be ideal, but then you're into the debate of what length 13m? 14.5m? 16m? they're all gonna have their limits, and cheaper poles will always be harder to fish at full length - it's a dilema