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Float Fishing Vs Ledgering help

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  • Float Fishing Vs Ledgering help

    Hi all,

    im all undecided on which is better, it seems to me that on every carp DVD/ carp footage on the internet that they have a ledger setup stopped by a bead and swivel and then banged on a bite alarm, and i never see anyone fishing float for carp, is there that much difference therefore does ledgering bang out the bigger fish (carp). Please tell me the as i m desperite to find out. Help apreciated


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    Horses for courses, all venue's are different, so therefore need more than 1 method, also each day can be different, you might go to a lake and bag up using float, the next day you might only catch using ledger/feeder tactics, i guess its the same with baits.


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      What about that ashfield lake that your link is about whats the best method there? dave


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        The reason that most of the carp videos seem to feature ledgering is simply because carp anglers have a different outlook to the pleasure or match angler, in as much that they will often fish for days, whilst fishing with an alarm set up they have not got to be watching their rod, and can be having a sleep doing a fry up almost anything,thats probably a bit thats not included in a video, thats not knocking carp anglers who have developed loads of different rigs/set ups for use with the lead some of which are now common practice on the match scene.
        They will of course from time to time use floating baits and stalk fish in the margins, but if the vast percentage of carp anglers fish the lead then the majority of big fish that are caught are going to be on the lead.
        The secret of catching a big fish is to fish waters that only have a few big fish and not loads of smaller fish, you may not catch many but when you do catch it is likely to be a big one.


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          Originally posted by Gadz
          What about that ashfield lake that your link is about whats the best method there? dave
          Pole and Feeder both work very well, but from May to September pole at around 11m, fished with chopped worm, caster or pellet is lethal, and a lot of bags of Bream and Tench to 100lb come out.