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Breeding Redworms

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  • Breeding Redworms

    Can anyone give me some advice on what to feed redworms as I wish to breed some at home, purpose built compost heap ready and waiting !!


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    Just use veg peelings etc.Don't put in acidy things like onions or oranges/lemons.Garden waste is okay but don't over do grass cuttings.Fallen leaves in the Autumn are good
    They love part boiled spuds.Only feed them when all the previous food as been scoffed.


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      ANother good idea i found is putting in the odd sheet of damp newspaper, they seem to love it and when you come to harvesting them you find loads of them hiding just under the paper.
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        Forgot the paper mate.


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          Unless you have the means to keep an outside wormery warm during winter,you will find that breeding slows drastically..

          Might be worth while getting a big plastic box and using it to make a wormery in the shed/garage now ready to keep a supply going over winter.


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            Heres a site thats worth a look at for a wormery that cost only a few quid. It has the added bonus that the liquid drained off can be used as plant fertiliser, maybe ok as an additive to a groundbait mix



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              if you put fresh maze in not when its been on your maggotsas the amonia kills the worms so put maze on then wet it they love that & cut a water melon in half remove seeds & put that in


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                LIDL are doing a compost bag for a fiver........ and they are damned good!