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crows foot (pole fishing)

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  • crows foot (pole fishing)

    have noticed various peolpe using this method to attach rigs to elastic can some body explain why and how to do it please

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    thread a small bead onto elastic this is too stop laccy heading back up the pole then tie a double overhand loop in laccy snip the laccy in middle off loop and walla a crows foot too attach rig tie a loop in main line end of rig the a smaller loop at the end of that double up your rig line and pass it thru the bigger of the two loops giving you a false loop within a loop put crows foot thru this false loop and tighten down onto the elastic to remove the rig simply pull the smaller loop and it frees the rig from the laccy it is basically the same method for attaching your rig to a flick tip or whip sounds complex i know but it works


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      Look under "Tackle reports and advice" thread for a number of useful tips on the Crows foot and other means of attaching rigs!
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        i use the crows foot all the time with all sizes of elastic, even with heavy grades of elastic i have never had it fail on me, each and every one to their own but i dislike clonking stonfo connectors !