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  • tc

    WALKING ALONG THE RIVER THE OTHER DAY:i saw an old gentleman fishing.I asked him what he was fishing for ,and he replied,"FOR PIKE".After a while he landed one,about 4lbs.i asked him,do you eat them?,to which he answered"i do sometimes,giving me an odd look.How do you cook the pike? i innocently enquired.Sitting down on his box he began to tell me. First i wash it well,then i rub salt well in,then i get some bacon rashers and wrap three or four around it get some butter and rub it over the bacon,put the lot into a medium oven and leave it to cook for about half an hour,then i remove the fish from the oven,strip all the bacon off, throw the pike away and eat the bacon,i have a strong feeling that he was taking the mickey,dont you.