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Making rigs?

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  • Making rigs?

    After keep scraping rigs out of mt trays now and then,just lately i have gone towards making them on the bank.
    This way i know the rigs are fresh and hooks sharp,but more importantly right float and shotting pattern to suit the conditions and intended target fish on the day.
    Seems to be working well for me but it has got it's disadvantages.
    Anyone else do this or do you make them all up and store them on winders?
    Roll on friday

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    I have to do 'em beforehand.......the eyes have gone. If I tried doing them on the bank I'd miss half the match.
    Downside is I carry in excess of 100 rigs - various size permutations of a few designs of floats tied to differing lengths and breaking strains
    Even when I draw a half decent peg fate conspires against me...............:(


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      I make most of my rigs on the bank now, then store em. When you think about it on rivers for example how many different rigs do we actually use?


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        I make 10 rigs up the night before i'm going fishing.


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          i always make them up on the bank but as you say had its disadvantages, if you trash a rig then have to spend 5-10mins making a new one up ect and this could be another 10 fish at places like tunnel barn, so i think im going to invest in a few more floats and duplicate them
          Matt Smith
          Bag'em matchbaits


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            i have got over 100 rigs maybe more set up, but i have coloured coded them and have named them as well like all the red winders are 6 ft. green one are 4ft. blue are 3ft. then names are like caster pellet and so on. also breaking strain and what hook it is, i may have 6 or 7 of each depth so i have not got a problem in a match should i get snapped i can change it, it saves me a lot of time....


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              I always make two or three of them up at the bank.
              Not like the brother 100 rigs or more set up in his box, man i keep telling him he will need crane to lift his box down to the bank!!!!
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