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Skimmers and Bream

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  • Skimmers and Bream

    Can anyone tell me what is the best way to catch skimmers and bream. I have started to match fishing for a club but never seem able to build up any weight. Some members say you should only use pellet for bream and dont use ground bait. I fished a match today on a peg that another angler managed 50lb on yesterday. I baited up with pellet and tried corn, worm, hard pellet and soft pellet could not get one bream. Could not get the fish going at all.

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    worm, maggots, casters, bread punch and every soft paste. I caught a bream 2day in my afternoon match, caught it on pellet paste and loose fed pellets and meat.
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      hi deon. if the swim was fished yesterday it wouldnt have fished well today because it would need time for the fish to return. i always find loose feeding hard pellets is best for bream and maggot as hook bait. be carefull not to over feed. also bream can easily be spooked when catching fish from the swim so i try to get the fish away from the shoal as soon as possible. hope this helps mate.


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        Skimmers AND bream? What are skimmers then?


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          Thanks for advice. Is ground bait an option, if so, which is the best for bream. I would have thought bream are the bigger version of the skimmers !!!!!! Theres always one.


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            skimmers is a\made up name by mach anglers small or big there all bream how to fish for depends on where your fishing brown crumb fish meal pellet brazim and on and on