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Nominations for biggest moaner on your matches

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  • Nominations for biggest moaner on your matches

    Several nominee's from my circuit

    In no particular order

    1 Alan Hart
    2 Dickie Carr
    3 Danny Fung
    Come on you Spurs!

  • #2
    Mathew Hart by a mile closely followed by Alan Hart and then Sam Hart

    Before my break it was without a doubt Graham Blake my old travelling partner he moaned more than my Mrs, but a great guy all the same.

    Dickie doesnt really moan that much although he did at Colemans on saturday he was rabbiting away as he does turned his head and his best bomb rod was making its way across the lake and sunk into the depths,

    he was moaning like mad how he had just lost his best rod whilst he set up another, anyway first cast he gets his bomb rod back and the fish
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      When i fished matches it would have had to be me,comments like cesspit,couldnt peg washing,couldnt run a pass up in a brewery,no fish in this puddle and so on, i was,and some would say still am a right royal pain in the botty. funny i never moaned when i won.
      Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


      • #4
        Blakey wrote the book on "how to moan even after winning a match" did used to make good floats though!
        Come on you Spurs!


        • #5
          Oh, on second thoughts i did sometimes moan about the payout
          Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


          • #6
            Chris Humphrey by a country mile,i can hear him now & i haven't seen him in


            • #7
              My wife when i'm going out the door.
              Goes something like... On me own with the kids all day again yadda yadda yadda.........
              Mind she is Irish and christ ! Can the Irish moan.
              Wouldn't swap her for the world, though a brand new airity would be tempting.
              On the gathering storm comes a tall handsome man, in a dusty black coat and red right hand.


              • #8
                Got to be Neil Copeland, then me in second!


                • #9
                  tincanman, any one who draws near him is in for a entertaining day, he as a gold meddle in it.
                  Steve Davies


                  • #10
                    Don't even start me


                    • #11
                      Any Farlows regular would nominate Mike Hooper and Dave Sephton- if anyone drew between them on a match I organised I would ask the unlucky person to hand over their belt, shoelaces and anything sharp.... it's like being sandwiched between Marvin the Robot and Eeyore.

                      There again, its one area of angling where the average clubman is every bit as good as the crack matchman. Bob Hawes of GerrardsX approaches world class....


                      • #12
                        Whinging anglers

                        OMG, wait till I tell my mate about this thread.
                        Does this only concern match fishing??.
                        Because if it does then not only do they whinge but they don't care about the fish they have caught either. And it is not only dissapointing to hear! but equally dissapointing to see, when chucking the fish they have caught into the keepnet, I for one am not impressed. And I have a collegue who sat next to a match angler who just whinged all the way through his match, no wonder his missus lets him go fishing, lol

                        tight lines all,


                        • #13
                          Fortunateley no members on this site will know me or the club I fish with.
                          One member, who is throwing the towel in with match fishing this year, is an absolute ****** and every match he went on last year was spoilt by him and the atmosphere was terrible.
                          This year he hasnt turned up to any so far and the matches are great, everyone takes the **** and they are better attended due to him not turning up.
                          Love the club and the lads and lass that go.
                          Dont you think that 1 individual can spoil the whle thing for the majority?


                          • #14
                            One geezer in our club is always causing trouble,,,

                            Moans about the venue,pegging etc etc

                            Nearly got his head kicked in at the last agm,,,Said there was not one good angler in the club and we were all crap
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                            • #15
                              its got to be strawberry aubrey with out adoubt dont stop moaning all f****** day ,if he chucks in my swim again i will beat him at moaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!