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Meat Cutters

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  • Meat Cutters

    Anyone recommend the best models

    ideally with interchangable sizes

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    I use Tilley meat cutters. You can get them for around £30 each, but you do need one of each size. I have two one 6mm and one 10mm, I have been using them both for almost three years now, and have still not needed to change the wire.

    The only one I know of that has changeable cutting blades is the Fish-easy one, but to be honest I would spend a bit more and buy a Tilley, as the Fish-easy ones fall apart literally!!


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      anyone tried the maver ones


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        Yep mate have the 8mm one it is not too bad not very well made have had to chance the wire once since bought it 6 months ago but it was all ready brocken when I took it out of the box and I bought it from a tackle shop while i was on a few dyas hols over a hundred miles away so not worth the trouble to take it back my mate has one and he had no prob with it
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          Yes mate the maver meat cutters are very good and cum with spare wires.


          • #6
            Get a Tilley built to last and well worth the money


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              Another vote for the tilly. A good tip is to fridge the meat your going to cut for a couple of hours it seems to go through the cutter much more smoothly than meat straighht out of the tin.


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                ill second the cold meat also tilly all the way very strong and you get a spare wire havnt found any use for this at all.
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                  the tilley built to last.
                  stick the whole cutter in hot water before you use it and it will slice thru easier.
                  superb bit of kit,even cubes catapult uniformly.
                  put the meat thru twice for odd sizes to feed inside.