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pressure or no pressure

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  • pressure or no pressure

    Just come up with a little question i would like answerd.
    People say that putting less pressure on a fish (smaller elastics and following fish out) is a better way of playing a fish as it fights less and tires out quicker
    but iv always been under the assumtion that putting the pole under the water to put pressure on a fish to turn them in different direction makes the fish tire quickest,
    Now i know that both work very well, but wich 1 does indeed tire the fish out quickest
    reason i wondering is because im not sure wether to use a 14(less pressure) or a 20(more pressure) in the margin.

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    in margins mate if a lot of cover you need the big laccy to get em out before they run into the cover then just play the fish as normal if no cover the lighter laccy would be fine i have 22+ in my margin pole and black and pupil in my normal pole but at end of day it is own choice i think if you try to bully fish you stand more chance of shedding the hook and no doubt that someone else will say the longer the fish is on the more chance of loosing it me i prefer the softer approach and use skill not bullying tactics to land the fish but hey thats me :-)
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      22PLUS elastic and you are not bullying the fish?? ,the most i use is purple elastic in my margin pole


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        elastic sizes are about matching the elastic to the size of fish.... i have seen red hydro used on many fish and they are not bullied...i have also seen Giles Cochran land big lumps on a 8 latex...not sure they knew they were hooked till they was in the net..
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