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Carp Fishing with Mackerel

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  • Carp Fishing with Mackerel

    Gonna sound a bit silly but i heard someone talking about it earlier, but can you use mackerel to catch carp or any other species in a lake, tench, perch etc.
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    It wouldnt be my first line of attack,but almost every coarse fish has at some time been caught by predator anglers using live/dead baits,spinners and flies,at certain times it seems they all have predatory tendacies.(im sure if FF reads this he can enlighten us more)it would seem as you would expect the bigger specimens,carp tench,bream,roach,barbel, and chub come to i say i would not go out intentionaly trying to catch these fish with fish baits other than stillwater chub who it appears do have a tendancy to become predatory(more so than normal)when they get to a certain size,as with most fishing its worth trying to be different.Regards Peter.
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      Hurricane is right, most species wil eat other fish at some time or other - apart from roach it would seem (from what I have read). Carp have been known to work together to heard shoals of baby gudgeon into the shallows before blunging in to eat them - a bit like humpback whales do to herrings!! I know a guy who caught a lot of carp at Baden Hall nr Stafford using chopped whitebait in his groundbait and half a whitebait on his hook, so I imagine small strips of mackerel could also do the job.