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knocking pole joint

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  • knocking pole joint

    No jokes please as its doing my head in!!!
    Got a problem with a joint 9mtr/11mtr section making a knocking noise every time i strike, anyone else had same problem? got a solution?

    I made sure joints are very clean and fitted together snug but still the same problem.
    Would appreciate advice on this one.

  • #2
    At a guess I would say you have a small crack in the section give it a real good clean and check it over

    I had that clicking noise when cupping out large pots a few days later it went bang
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      i've had this with couple sections, to make sure it only the joint knockin an not a crack, try smearin film of candle wax on, it stopped mine straight away


      • #4
        wouldn't surprise me if it is a maver pole!


        • #5
          my maver was knocking it did my head in so i had to let it back in the house


          • #6
            clicking = split somewhere ...probably inside of male, only visible when gently squeezed.
            knocking = uneven joint/foreign body in joint, joint not fitting properly for some reason.....could try candle wax/ptfe on male joint.


            • #7
              Try PTFE tape first (but not too much!). Amazing stuff
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              • #8
                try a strip of e-bay style packing tape on the male section.
                I use it on all my sections.
                Don't knock it till you've tried it. :0)