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  • Lacky

    A lake I fish has some dog roach in it but when fishing shallow you will get a 6/8lb carp having a go but only 1 or 2 so not worth targeting so what lacky would you use?

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    white hydro set loose
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      Black hydro set soft
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        im going in the middle with grey hydro
        Matt Smith
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          seriously though i would reccomend a hollow elastic as it much softer that solid and you will stand a much better chance of landing those lumps!
          Matt Smith
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            Tried the yellow bungee but could feel the roach bang on the tip of the pole but did not hook them selves. Then when the carp took it they bolted to middle of the lake and then I lost them. If i turned them i landed them (well one anyway lol)


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              white hydro


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                I'm with Matt grey Hydro
                Regards Billy Boy :)

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                  What you want chap is the grey hydro but what you also need more importantly is the Milo pull bungs, the carp will pull out loads of elastic so the ability to pull the elastic back through the top 3 to tighten it up when you come to land it is invaluable!
                  Simon Young
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                    solid 12's set loose


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                      I think the yellow bungee is about the same strength as the gray as it's not as strong as the black but it's stronger than the white. I also had it set soft yet the roach BANGED the tip of the pole but were not hooked? So I was thinking of going the white hydro way but worried it will not land the 6lb plus carp?


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                        I'd go for Middy Shock Core Yellow, or solid 10. Both of which are capablr of landing a silly bonus if you're careful, but wont haul proper rodneys out of shallow water, as theyre soft enough to absorb the strike without wrecking your swim.
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                          defo green map and pull bung
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