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Making changes to Andy Findlays pellet method

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  • Making changes to Andy Findlays pellet method

    Hi all,

    Looking for your advice.....

    I have watched one of the Andy Findlay DVD's, which are very informative. Its the one where he is fishing the soft feed pellets on the method.

    On his rig, he uses 4lb maxima (which seemed quite low bs to me) for his mainline and 4lb braid to a size 16 as his hooklength.

    What is the benefit of him using braid as a hooklength?

    Could it be replaced by something else? Mono, fluro?

    If so which breaking strain mono/fluro?

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    hi mate ive got that vid personaly i use min of 6lb reel line i think its an old vidi use mono hook links mate i think everyone does these days, but sayin that a 3inch hook link hasn't got alot of stretch anyway so it aint much diff to braid mate, oh and for b/s hook lenghts i always use 0.19 mate its tooked in the bait they cant see it so dont be shy
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      I prefer to use a braid hook length where allowed, I use 6lb Drennan Sink Braid with either a 6lb or 8lb Sensor mainline - can't really see the point in going any lower but I suppose it depends on the size of fish to be expected. With the right rod and a sound fish playing technique you can pretty much land anything you are likely to hook on 4lb Maxima anyway - I just prefer to go heavier so the line has a bit more of a margin for wear and tear.

      Braid is obviously more supple than any mono hook length and I have a theory that bigger carp - 4lb plus come to the feeder and have one big suck on it, much like they would a ball of paste, so I want that hook to go in first time of asking, and with braid I reckon it does, and go in further too - 4'' braid hook length teamed with a 12 Fox Series hook has, for me, been very successful lately with hardly a fish lost and all hooked well in the mouth - since using it I have not had a fish hooked anywhere other than inside the mouth, either in the corner or the middle of the bottom lip - nothing on the edge of the lip or outside the lip. Boilies are my current favourite hook (hair) bait, anything from 10mm to 14mm.


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        what breaking strain is your hooklength Vidas?

        Two nets, would fluro be any good as hooklength material?
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          You could use flouro as a hook length if you want - I just prefer braid where allowed as I reckon it's better. On the venues where it's not allowed I tend to use either 0.18 or 0.20 Silstar.

          Try and get some of the Drennan braid and try it out, it's only about £4 or so.

          Drennan Sink Braid