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Canal Fishing Rights

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  • Canal Fishing Rights

    Some information which might be of intrest.

    Do you or your club fancy controlling the fishing rights to your favourite stretch of canal?

    British Waterways have just released a comprehensive list of all their current vacant stretches of canals in the West Midlands. Stretches including parts of the Ashby, BCN, Wyrley and Essington, Coventry, Grand Union, Stratford, Shropshire Union and the Trent and Mersey.

    With British Waterways commitment to online angling (jargon for canals). The canals, fish and anglers are benefiting from improved water quality and water quantity, better management of habitats, including off side vegetation, controls over predation, fish stocking strategies, towpath improvements, car parking opportunities, boat moorings, access for less able and disabled and managing the conflict with other waterway users.

    British Waterways are improving links with current clubs and members, offering advice, helping to advertise club waters, recruit members and increase the opportunity for young and new anglers.

    If you would like a copy of the current vacant stretch list. Please contact British Waterways on 01827 252066.

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    I currently rent stretches of canal off BW on three different canals,and since Keith Fisher has left/retired i have been dissapointed with level of service i get from them.

    Before i took over the third stretch,( 3 months ago) i was promised help from your enforcement agents with stopping the illegal matches that were being run on one of the venues( still not happened)
    With this i mind i signed the agreement and returned it, a month later i phoned BW to enquire what was happening as i had not received any correspondance from yourselves, i was told that due to moving headquarters and redundancies it was possible that it had been mislaid i would be sent out another, unfortuneatly this never arrived but i was again told that it would be resent.
    The following morning i received a final reminder for the payment due when i had not even yet received the invoice......

    Another problem i have is communication.

    This weekend i am running an Intersite canal match on one of the stretches, I had organised for a cafe to open, posted the information on the different internet sites then my wife opened the local newspaper to find this:

    Waterway Recovery Group

    With only about 20-25 fishing it has been easy to find an alternative, however if there had been more expected i would have had no alternative but to cancel.

    To be honest the canal needs cleaning but it would have been nice to have been informed.

    Lee Woodhouse
    HanKat AS.


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      Lee i am also trying to get hold of lego to complain about the illegal matches over my side of Birmingham i know of at least 3,,,it es me of big time that we rent and nothing is done about the pirates they are left do do there own thing i approached Keith Fisher about this he did not have an answer.... i am all for being made some sort of bailiff go collect pegs fees from them we have given up our other stretches because of parking difficulty's now they are saying they will help with them.... where is the help.... i have yet to see it.. i have asked for the document to see what water is rented will be interesting to see..

      Peter Taylor on behalf of Cornerstone Angling
      In darkness we do what we can
      In daylight we're oblivion


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        Does BW have any stillwaters that they let out?
        Simon Young
        Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
        web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


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          not that i know of Simon ... but i could be wrong
          In darkness we do what we can
          In daylight we're oblivion


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            The answer from Keith Fisher some 12 months ago was they had no stillwaters to rent.



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              Wo - I suppose I better I start at the beginning.

              I will try to ring you Monday afternoon to get these issues resolved. Just in case my number is 01827 252048 (its open to all). I'm sorry but I'm not aware the enforcement officers you mention or who arranged them. Who have you spoken to about the canal agreements? Again I'm not aware of this, but I need to be, to get these things as they should be.

              I can only apologise for the WRG, I again was not aware of this work (a poor excuse I know, sorry). It appears internally I'm not receiving this information as well. It will now be rectified.

              Again, please contact me on 01827 252048 or [email protected]
              Parking is probably the single most cause in the decline of canal angling. It's a difficult one I admit, where we can we do work with pub owners, housing association, local councils and track owners for access agreements. With regeneration projects along side canals, parking for waterway users have to be considered and incorporated where possible.
              I too would like to combat all the illegal matches that go on. I only hear of a few I'm sure. I need people and clubs to let me know about them. If I'm to make an impact on the waters which concern your selves. My contacts above.

              Please remember a lot of the time there's no quick fixes. Being a large public organisation does put a lot of restrictions on us.

              Still waters. Unfortunately all our still waters are either run by ourselves or are currently leased out. They don't come up very often as people tend to want long lease agreements.

              I hope this is going in the right direction in sorting out some of your issues.

              Remember I can be contacted on 01827 252048 or [email protected]



              • #8
                The ladies name was Sarah Hayes who said she would get the BW enforcement officers involved. She was there when i asked a group of wino's/locals to stop running unauthourised matches on the Walsall canal and heard the torrent of abuse and threats that i received in return, its difficult to get involved in an argument when your pushing a push chair with a baby in it.
                I have taken 1 match booking this year but it never went ahead due to these bullies threathening the club involved.


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                  Just to let every one know what Carl was true to his word any phoned me this afternoon, the impression i got was that he is as keen to get the issues resolved as i am.

                  Fair play to you Carl.

                  Thanks again.


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                    i think angling is the least of Waterways worries.Keith fisher[i know hes now gone]was contacted by a worried resident at olton on the grand union canal about a neighbour throwing rubbish in the canal.the rubbish being mattresses,sheds,tyres,you name it.Keith asked if he would take photos off his neighbour fly tipping.The resident obviously refused and demanded that he sent someone down.Nobody ever turned up.We also had a car park for the anglers right on the side of the canal.We urned up one day and the local offices had leased it and hired a clamping firm to keep us off.Phone calls to keith on the subject were met with silence.Me and teepot gave up in despair in the end.We have now started again,and our first problem has loomed,people fishing the far bank to evade paying a day ticket.So i think teepot will be consulting carl on the matter to see where we stand.As you know if you upset these lowlifes,you have to look out for other problems like anglers cars etc.Maybe carl will be more helpfull than keith,but he can only do what waterways allow him to do


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                      It took me a little longer to track Carl down,,,but that was really a fault on my part, but he really does want to help.Its a position we have never been in before and may take a little getting used to, hopefully this is one of BWs better appointments

                      Peter Taylor
                      In darkness we do what we can
                      In daylight we're oblivion