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Recommend a Venue to start Open Match Fishing (Worcs/West Mids)

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  • Recommend a Venue to start Open Match Fishing (Worcs/West Mids)

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to start fishing Open Matches. I'm hoping to have a venue recommended based on the following:

    I have only been fishing 12 months or so, and have fished a few club matches but am obviously very inexperienced.

    I fully expect to be beat well, and the environment to be competitive, but I want to learn and not be surrounded by $$$$$$$ during the process if at all possible .

    Worcs/West Mids area. Ive currently just been trying out new venues so dont have a regular or sound knowledge of a single venue.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Why not pick a venue like Cob House, as of yet not one of the open scene big boys if there is such a thing now, but from the results I have seen will at least let you catch a few fish whilst learning the scene, and does appear to have a few tidy anglers fish there. Fish Farmer of this site will no doubt put you right on when they are but he usually posts on the open match section when they have organised a match.
    Cob House Fisheries Home Page


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      P, there are loads of venuesa round your area the problem you have is that most venues will have its hard core of regulars who knowv the pegs well. Pick one, give some time on the bank first before entering the opens or sit and watch a couple.
      I would suggest Larford as a lot of good anglers but thats how you will learn. Also simple methods and full o fish.
      Good luck


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        Your spoilt for choice really, my advice would be to go take a look at venues such as larford,moorlands,woodlands,cob house,manor farm etc and see which venue you like and feel comfortable with, i started fishing the moorlands opens and found them not as competitive as the woodlands and larford matches, 60-70lb normally puts you there or there abouts at moorlands and mal will always put you right as he knows every peg inside out, the woodlands opens are very competitive with many 100lb plus weights.
        Dont rush into it take your time and pick the venue that plays to your strengths.
        Double Ton