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Would you carry on fishing without commercial fisheries

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  • Would you carry on fishing without commercial fisheries

    Not sure many people would, how do you feel, would it be worth it or would you fish regardless of venues and species

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    the quick answer is no

    would you fish the canals which are full of boats ignorant cyclists and ramblers oh and dog walkers

    or rivers which have turned into big fish waters

    then of coarse theres the personnal safety issue

    on a commercial you should be fairley safe but on a river you could be in the middle of nowhere


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      commercial fisheries

      My answer is a definite YES in my opinion as a lifelong dedicated match angler the introduction of so many commercial fisheries completely ruined match fishing. Long gone are the days of matches with as many as 1400 competitors. To win a real match was an achievement but not so today. I also think that the lack of variety has led to less skilful anglers. For example to see someone using a rod and reel is rare and possibly looked upon as a little out dated. There are many fisheries owned by clubs and associations where one can fish in peaceful surroundings with complete safety so as far as I amconcerned commercial fisheries are a "no go" area.


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        yes i would my personal opinion is the commercial fisheries has killed off river fishing, ok we all know its not brilliant on the rivers sometimes but we have those days. But what a feeling when you run a stick float down and at the end of your swim the float dissapears is it chub a record roach who knows great feeling which a lot of young anglers will probably never experience its the rivers and canals all day long for me


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          Personally i would not miss them in the slightest...

          in the west mids we have a 50+ match every sunday from October 1st until march, good fishing as well,OK they are all team matches but i have cant see a problem with that.


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            In short NO i would have stopped fishing by now.
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              I used to love fishing the big matches on rivers - and yes some of them used to be 1000+ pegs - OK I've never won a match bigger than 450 pegs but quite a few 200+ peggers and how often do you get to fish a match of that size nowadays - I tell you exactly, once a year on a national!

              Yes I miss it, and if commercials dissapeared tomorrow then I wouldnt cry as fishing would go straight back to the rivers, canals and drains! But I think alot of the guys who have grown up on commercials would struggle to fish a rod and line properly.

              Commercials are without doubt the future of our sport and you have no choice but to get into fishing them these days if you want to fish the biggest matches..
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                I would be back on the river even though weights are smaller and the walks are longer.
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                  I only fish rivers and canals, commercials bore the ass off me, you know what is coming next, when fishing rivers and canals you really have to work for your fish and also when fishing canals watch out for the dog mess, bikes, motorbikes, lunatics.......


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                    good question...canals i probably will fish forever i have a fixation with them dont know why but even in the heart of Birmingham there is something magic about them...... commercials i am very new to i have had a very hard induction to them my first attempt cost talk angling a match win( thats a lonely place to be ) but i am on the way .....things have improved since then i have had some good teachers and taken advice from the top and bottom
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                      i like comericals not because of easy fishing but because i know i can fish a match and not worry a walker is going to smash my pole your a bunch of youth or a adult for that matter is going to run and grab my holdall i can relax and fish and even catch a few and in winter you can pack up if you are struggling and go down the bank to your car your go in the lodge and have a coffee and fish the match i know loads of disableb anglers would have to quit the sport if mercials went but i would carry on fishing because i love it but it woundnt be on canals in the city or rivers in town id get back together with hodnet club and fish ther canal matches in the middle of country thats where i would fish if not for mercials
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                        I'm just as happy on the cut catching pairs of eyes in the depths of winter as I am bagging on a commercial in the middle of summer, so it wouldn't bother me.

                        And lets face it, some of the venues I have to fish with the various clubs i'm in, it's a good job


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                          Yes, we all fished 'natural' venues before commercials didn't we?
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                            Can answer that question best by turning it round a bit. If commercials were all there was to fish, I'd pack it all in
                            Enjoy them for only the occasional match (which is why my record on them's pretty mediocre)but would never consider pleasure fishing them. Or to be a bit more accurate, not one of the heavily stocked carp variety.Perfectly happy to sit somewhere like the big lake at Willow...


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                              Larry, you are still a star to me

                              You didn't cost TA anything, we were there to enjoy it and we did

                              Sorry you had a rough introduction that day, but happy you sat, watched and appreciated those who were catching

                              Glad to see you haven't given up with the commercials and are now catching

                              One day I will let you kick my butt on a canal

                              As long as it's not a punch venue