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  • Benwick Sports

    I usually use Harrisons and Bag-Up (we all like our free p&p) for my mail order of terminal tackle, but unfortunately they did not have what I needed in stock so I thought I would give Benwick Sports a try. I needed these items for this weekend.

    Ordered last Saturday and it duly arrived Wednesday - not too bad? Well .........

    Firstly I had to pay Royal Mail £1.76 because Benwick Sports failed to pay the full postage.

    Secondly the float order was incorrect, not by the odd one or two but by eight.

    Not a happy bunny by any means as this meant if things could not be resolved very quickly I would be short of things I needed for this Sunday.

    I promptly complained to Benwick Sports via email, and their response was that they would give me a refund if I returned the goods (at my expense I assume?) and they would be happy if I did not order from them again as they did not like the tone of my email! I was not abusive in any way, just stated I was expecting better of them. Guess what? They will not be getting any more orders from me.

    The moral of the this - don't complain when Benwick Sports fail to fulfil your order, better still use someone else! Unbelievably poor service and attitude.

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    Very strange, I've never had any problems with them and found them to be the best mail order outlet I've used.
    Certainly sounds like they were trying their best to p you off and have succeeded!
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      Always had first class service off them , so its seems you've been unlucky


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        always had awsome service???


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          Never had a problem with them. Always 1st class service. If you want free p&p, try Matchman supplies in Nottingham, always 1st class service with them as well.
          I got a new rod for the wife. I'll miss her, but it's a quality rod.


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            never had a problem either, but voting with your feet is definatly the best course action
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              I regularly order from Benwicks. Never had a problem, orders, speedy delivery. The odd time they don't have something in stock i have always received the follow on without any problems.

              I use to us Nathanss of Derby (not anymore) i ordered a Sensas fleece but on opening the bag the there was no zip and ordered a Sensas cool bag, which was missing but had been ticked off on the delivery docket.

              Promptly rang Nathans to be assured that they would send me a new jacket and the missing cool bag. Never did receive either, £60 out of pocket, hence took my buisness elswhere.

              Must have spent over a grand at Benwicks including buying rods, If i hadnt had such bad service form Nathans they would have had these orders, there loss not mine.


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                most unusual for nathans,my only problem with benwicks has been them sending to wrong address twice


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                  Order 12 sensas floats from benwick the other day and arrived the following day. Quality service and had no problem. Will be using again.