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Advice for Starting Match Fishing?

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  • Advice for Starting Match Fishing?


    I'm fairly new into the fishing scene (or at least new in terms of not doing it for about a decade), but reading the site, i'm just wondering whether to try my hand at a match.

    Now, i'm not brilliant, but on the local lake, i'm never fishing the worst (although never really the best).
    I am a bit of a stickler for liking my own methods also, so guess that might play against me.

    But what is it like? Is it worth trying?

    Chris (A nervous angler when it comes to thinking about fishing and competition in the same sentance)

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    Have a go mate it will open your eyes I can tell you. It is a lot different to the relaxed pleasure sessions you have been doing as everything is geared towards making the right changes and fishing the right methods to win.
    Fishing matches made me a better pleasure angler and I'm sure of that, watching others feed at the right time, read the water and the general approach of match anglers is something to take onboard.

    Go for it mate, if you don't come anywhere so what.

    The inspiration behind the Maver C-Loc method feeder.


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      Its definately worth trying!!

      I love the competative side to fishing and since fishing matches i have improved so much as an angler. Its also a nice way of meeting new people and getting some good advice.


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        Dont do it mate scuse the pun but you will get hooked on match fishing you life will never be your own again you will allways need to buy the best you can afford your better half will all ways nagging you
        I LOVE IT as neailo and nd2407 say you will learn a hell of a lot amd make new friends and you will be a better angler for it
        Good luck mate enjoy it
        A bad days fishing is better than a good day at work?????:p:eek:[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]


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          Join a local club, meet some new friends and have a laugh.

          The anglers in the clubs will all be at different levels and you will learn from them.


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            Cheers Peeps.

            I might try one or two at the local lake. They tend to have some open and charity matches, so might give it a go.

            @ Steve - lol That is my concern. With a 20 month old daughter, I dont want too spend too much time away/fishing, but my wife was up for me trying it


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              Chris i was in the same boat as you a few weeks back, was back into fishing after 12 years and really fancied fishing a match but the thought of it was a bit daunting! But i was talked into fishing a Talk Angling match in Rugby by a few lads off here and i thoroughly enjoyed it!! Even won my section! Like Poleyyy steve said, its quite addictive! Im not any good (yet) at match fishing but i do really enjoy the banter before the match, during the match and at the weigh in! Ive learnt alot in the last few weeks in the few matches ive fished! Dont be worrried about being out of your depth.....get involved, you'll love it! Oh i have a 10 month old baby and i have an agreement with the missus that i wont take the pee and fish 3 times a week! I fish a match every fortnight which is fine with me......and her !

              Tight lines, Jamie.


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                Match Fishing

                i have seen your letter i have to say if you are in a small club that is your start point if you are top of the tree with the club and winning all the time then maybe it is time to go to a open and see how it goes i have been fishing for 40y i am now 56y old and i now fish only where and when it good for me as a team member you fish where your team is fishing and you are after points most of the time .
                IF you are out there on the open matches it is hard work if you have mate to go with so much the better ,so you no where i am coming from i have fish,t at a high level upto internal/ level i have fish,t for sum top teams over the years and it has been very good for me .
                ALL THE BEST-------MIKE


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                  Go for it

                  Intrigued about your name - "shiney bottom" - What's the story?

                  I think you are missing the point in considering match fishing.
                  I have always played football & gone match fishing - It's the competition & having a laugh.
                  For me a way of life, corny but true.

                  Football is a team game, pull together & you might win.
                  Match fishing is different in that you are on your own during the match but before & after most will tell you how that got on, what they did & most importantly, you will have fun & become a better angler.

                  Join a local club, make friends, win a couple & consider fishing a couple of opens.
                  It's brilliant fun & gets you out, thinking about methods, baits, venues.

                  Highly recommended


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                    lol PM.

                    In a short about my name. I'm on another forum (non-fishing) and had the robot from Futurama as my avatar at one point. Someone nicknamed me as "Shiny Bottom", and as such, the name stuck (as did my screen name).


                    I know what your saying though. I have a competitive (yet shy) streak, and guess I have always been intregued by what the match fisherman are saying
                    It is a case of wanting to get stuck in, but also get to know others, and learn more about the good ol' sport.
                    I just need to grow some balls (or lead weights - are they still lead?) and just do it I think.

                    Am going back to the lake I usually go to next weekend, so might ask around.

                    I always ask others how its going, and the usually chit-chat, and usually get a decent conversation.
                    But sometimes get a bit of an off reply, but at that point, I usually think its 'cause i've caught more fish

                    I guess i'm also a little put off with all the kit some of them have.
                    I've by no means got an intention in investing in a 2 mile pole, or a huge seat box with 400 drawers and digital TV reception.
                    I am however willing to invest my time and efforts.
                    I guess thats why I wonder if I should try it or not - Not sure if I fit into the 'scene' (at least where I fish now).


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                      I am returning back to the Match scene after a 10 year absence, mainly due to being a season ticket holder at HUFC. However, I want a break from the football, and get back to relaxing on the bank!

                      My advice would be to keep things simple. My opinion is that fishing tackle today is over-complicated. Saying that I do own a Boss box with all the attachments...


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                        I started fishing a few friendly matches with work colleagues and didn't fair too well in the early days, but striving to do better I bought a secondhand pole and watched what the better anglers were doing. This improved my fishing greatly and I now match fish more than I fish specifically for barbel and chub. I'm happy to get bites these days!!

                        I moved from those friendly matches at work to fishing a few club matches and have come 1st in one club match and 3rd in another. It's very addictive and I keep looking at updating my kit now and then to make me more comfortable and I hope a better angler in the long run.



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                          Go for it mate.
                          The buzz is superb. Once you have fished a few and your face is known other anglers will start to impart knowledge.
                          I used to fish with and against some of the Derby lads as far back as the late 70s.
                          They where all as far as i can remember good lads.
                          Just give it a go and lets know how you got on.
                          Best of luck. Dave.
                          On the gathering storm comes a tall handsome man, in a dusty black coat and red right hand.


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                            go and sit behind a good angler and watch there very movement


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                              Hi Shiny if you decide to take the plunge send me a pm. I'm a member of a small friendly club with about 12 members that fishes about ten matches a year around your area (Ryecroft, Coopers, Springwood, Robinwood, etc). We only have about three more matches left this year but i might be able to get you on one or two as a guest (you'd just have to pay peg fee plus £5 pools....oh and obviously adhere to any fishery rules). Like i said just send me a pm if you're interested.