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  • Dibbers?

    What is the deepest you would fish with a dibber type float?

  • #2
    it depends!

    I use them on our local canal down the track in 5ft of water. There is no flow and you need light rigs.


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      Personally 18inches to 2 foot. Whether thats a 3x8 wire stemmed jobby for caggy on the cut or a nonsense 4x12 crash helmet on a stick with a pellet dangling under it. Any deeper and Id be looking for a bristled or shouldered float.
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        Why David? and would you use nothing but a dibber in upto 2 foot? Cheers


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          What's caggy?
          I just use a blob for shallow fishing. Not used a dibber since fishing caster on canals


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            Caggy = caster. Sorry, I talk like a monkey lol!

            In water up to 2foot I like to use a float that is as unobtrusive as possible, and dibbers offer a discreet solution. However, even the Drennan wire stemmed jobbies sometimes aren't sensitive enough, in which case I'd dig out a preston chianti (I still have some of the originals somewhere!) to offer more sensitivity. I'd also use a chianti if there was a surface skim affecting the presentation, as it allows a little line sinking (carefully in shallow water though) with a backshot.
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              Probably about 2 max for a dibber,I don't often use them but on a place where you have a lot of hungry shallow fish they come in handy