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slapping and tapping

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  • slapping and tapping

    Can somebody explain what the above means,when you would use it and how do you do it.Thanks in anticpation.Regards OM

    Nathan ,one for you i think m8.

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    slap the rig in the tap the pole on the water am i right ??

    to create a noise for the fish to home in on


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      Yes, that's about right. It works at most places when fishing up in the water on the pole and I tend to prefer to slap when fishing less than 2 ft deep and tap when fishing deeper. Tapping is banned at some places so you have to slap a lot instead. The slapping is just lifting the rig out and whipping the pole up and round to make the rig slap on the water, best to use 18" to 2ft of line between float and a fairly heavy float like 4 no.8 shot and do it every time you feed, sometimes, repeat it several times, especially if tapping's banned. Tapping is just little taps of the tip in the water, no more than a few inches going under, between feeding and lifting the rig out and dropping back in. Do this by moving your front knee up and down. Make sure you keep a tight line and use an internal bush to avoid tangles.


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        i pay a lady of the night for this she normally starts of with a little tapping then works up to a slap


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          Thanks for the repllies fellas ,its appreciated.Regards OM