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  • keep nets

    theoretically what weight of fish will a 3m keepnet hold where the fish inside will be comfortable and survive the duration of a five/six hour match,either a silvers net or a carp freindly net ? my reason for asking is being new to the match scene this year and different venues having there own views on this, one in particular insisting only upto 60lb in each net plus no mix of carp and silvers and to top it off any carp under 2lb in a seperate net, basically if you were having a cracking day at a venue like the one visited you could end up with four keep nets in the water at the end of the match ???? thoughts and answers much appreciated
    Sean Hanrahan

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    I have just fished a TA match at high flyer and weighed 138lb ish of fish which were in 3 nets and Justin case had 194lb ish and had 4 nets, it is a venue were 5 nets is a possibilty. It was congested at the bank side but was probably the right amount of fish per net. I think on all comercials that the average winning weight is up to 120lb it should be standard to put 2 nets in at the start and split the fish between the 2. For a venue that does up to 200lb a match start with 2 and put the third in when 60lb a net is acheived.

    One thing i don't like is when an angler is disqualified due to to many fish in a net, we are there to catch fish not count fish, if some one goes over a net limit the weight should stand at the net limit i.e. if its a 50lb limit and there are actually 70lb in the net he only gets 50lb rather than not weigh him in at all.
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    Steve Davies


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      Agree with you on the matter. But there does not same to be any definition of size of keepnet. For instance when i was darn sawff i use to fish Boddingtons (matches). due to the size of the fish, i bought one of those massive jumbo nets from Sensas, cost me £80.
      The net is twice the size of a normal keepnet and about 3 times the size of a silvers net.

      Vunues where there is a 50lb per net limit (Moon/Priory) i can only put 50lb per net despite the size of the net. So a cost minded angler could just buy 4 cheaper silver nets rather than normal sized nets as the net size on fisheries is not taken into account. e.g my sensas jumbo net is easilly capable of taking a 100lb


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        I think there are two sides to the max amount of fish in a keepnet there is the comfort of the fish whilst in the net and also any stress caused when lifting out to weigh in your net could easily take say 80lb of fish during the match but when weighed in they all lay on top of each other and 50lb causes less damage, in my opinion. Also it doesn't do your back in when lifting them out.
        Steve Davies