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  • swim advice

    I seem to have problems when choosing swims at the start of a match. i either seem to choose to many (4) and then cant manage to feed them all correctly. Or I ve tried just concentrating on 2, and if one of them doesnt produce fish Im stuck.

    Any advice on numbers of swims or feeding plan so that i can have 3/4 on the go at one time would be a massive help.

    Cheers lads


    By the way i mainly fish on commercials
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    I always feed both right and left margins.

    I also usually fish a short line e.g. 5 metres and a longer line e.g. 13 metres.


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      its never to late to start another swim if your,e not catching on the swims you have fed then there,s nowt to lose in starting another are these snake lakes you are fishing
      nige cooke


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        a little bit of both snake and lakes with island features.


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          Tony, like cookie says - it never hurts to start a new line if the ones you have chosen at the start dont produce, for example on snake lakes you might start at 2ft from the far bank in 18" of water and find you dont catch so move into the rat holes in 6" of water and then start catching. I would go so far as to say to you DONT feed too many lines and that will win you more matches.
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            Cheers for the advice lads just got to go put it into practice now.



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              mate it aint hard do some research on your venue and dont go with that many diff baits set your stall out fish a 10 or 11 meter line corn meat caster is a good lenght for fishing shallow as well set a 6 meter line up i love paste there you can even set a top 3 rig up to hand if the others aint workin and the inside lines, as for feedin if uve fed the 11 meter line the next time you ship out fill your kinder pot and feed the 6 meter on the way out to the 11, break your match up into times in stead sittin on lines for a long time give each swim a lenght of time see how its reactin and then change lines but keep the feed goin in on all lines
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