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feeder fishing

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  • feeder fishing

    i am fairly to new to feeder fishing and i would appreciate tips anyone has to offer. I usually fish fairly small pools using maggot or cage feeder targeting silvers. what size hooks, pound line and oz tips should i use? and how often should i cast?

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    Hi Dan,

    If it is just silvers you are targeting then normally as light as you can get away with, say 1.5oz tip, a good starting point is always Maxima 4lb main line, use say a 0.11 - 0.12 hooklength (in case you hit something bigger) but experiment and see if you still get as many bites using heavier hooklength as you may as well if you bites are not affected. As for hooks I like the tubertini series 18 in a size 18 -22.

    I would cast as often as possible and keep the bait going in, but make sure you wait till the feeder has emptied before reeling in. The BEST tip for feeder fishing is to clip up so you are always casting in the exact same spot and then once the feeder has sat for a minute without a bite you just give a quarter turn on your reel to inch the feeder along the bottom - this often produces a bite... do this a couple of times then reel in and re-cast.
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      maxima 3/4 lb yes cage feeder with lightly dampend brown crumb 18/20 b611 hooks on paternoster rig with 12/16 inch between feeder and hook after casting tighten down to the feeder but wiht no bend in the rod then give the reel a little push round the rod tip should pull towards the feeder no more than 2/3 inch recast after no more than 5 mins and gage from that bit recogntion is your main concern have fun


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        The best tips i can give about feeder is, when casting always try and hit the same spot, and its very important to riddle your groundbait, when i'm after Bream and Roach, i riddle my on the bank 5 times.