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  • starting point

    could somebody please advise me whether this is a good starting point on a cannal
    it is land locked with no boat traffic
    i was thinking of far shelf small ball of groundbait, 10 casters, 4 pieces of corn
    down the track, small ball of groundbait, small pot of maggots.
    hook bait mag,caster,corn,worm
    i will be fishing for roach,skimmers/bream.eels,tench,occasional carp

    cheers worms

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    any advice welcome
    cheers worms


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      Punch always seems to work well,aswell as chopped worm on canals with little or no boat traffic!


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        3 orange sized balls off gbait to kick it off with a few casters and worms introduced in it, fish caster or worm on the hook, probly start with a small chunk of worm for the perch and work your way through to caster for the better roach and bream then larger worm for big bream and tench
        1 orange sized ball with maggots for down the middle with maggot on hook, keep scattering casters over the far swim now and agen when fishing the middle swim and vica verca
        use wide gape hook for far swim and fine-wire for middle swim


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          defo set up a chop worm line youll get the perch.


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            punch on the whip line, caster on the far bank then chop to the right or left in the middle. put a bit of chop across late on.


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              thanks for all your advice
              cheers worms


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                if you looking for the odd carp look and see if there are any carp anglers fishing on the canal becuse chances are they will of been prebaiting a swim.

                whenever i fish a match on a canal i will always have a few strong pole rigs and elastic with me and a can of corn with a few pints of mixed size pellets (5parts scretins 4mm 1 part 4mm dinamite the source pellets and 1 part 6mm the source pellets) and a hand full of asorted 8-10mm hard and soft pellets and boiles for on the hook)

                chaces are that you wont draw a peg where the few big match wining carp will be but if you do and you have the bait and rigs your in the money lol

                your also looking for signs of anglers been there in the past i.e. bait on the ground (this will also tell you what they where feeding.

                look for any good carpy spots as well this will normaly be over hanging brantches or some sort of shelter.

                tight lines every1