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What do I need to check for/replace?

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  • What do I need to check for/replace?

    Hi all, not been fishing for a while (around 2 years), but still have all my old gear (mostly pole stuff). Im planning on going out sometime this week on the pole, but I was wondering what things I'll need to check/replace? I know I'll need to change the line on my rigs, but is their anything else? Will I need to change the elastic in my top kits?


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    Hi North Pole first thing you might need to check is that you have got your licence, as far as the elastics are concerned a lot will depend on how they were stored, 2 years is a long time if they were wet when put away, give them a good pull ideally bottom them out and check for any roughness or fraying, if in doubt change them be a shame to have one break whilst playing a fish, as strange as it may seem if the rigs were stored in the dark and dry they should be ok, light has the biggest effect on line deteriorating.
    have a good look at your nets see if they are ok, make sure you have still got the simple things like disgorgers and plumbobs, check the elastics on your catapults.


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      Ok thanks, everything was kept in my tackle box, so the rigs might be ok then. Not sure about the elastics, I'll have to check them. Nets should be alright, and all the little stuff should still be rolling around in the box somewhere. As for the catapult, I could never aim the thing anyway

      I'll have a good root around this weekend or early on in the week before I go.
      Thanks again.


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        Let us know how you get on!

        And hope a mouse hasnt nested in your nets!
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