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Blythe Waters Again!

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  • Blythe Waters Again!

    TCF Magazine. (Sept issue page 14). Advert for Blythe Waters including offer for August/Sept
    for juniors to fish free with paying adult. Thought i'd go along with grandson 4th Sept. Phoned (Gail) on site to check there were no contests and checked on the offer for juniors, she replied there were no offers. Informed her of the info in the magazine, she grudgingly said "if there's a token you'll have to bring it in and she would decide". I then phoned BW and the person I spoke to said "oh did she" and promised to ring me back when she had sorted it out. She rang back and said there isn't a problem, just turn up and as long as you pay your Grandson will fish for free and you don't need to take any tokens.
    I'd be interested to know how many people have turned up with kids and payed £5 for them to fish and should have got it free during August & September?

    Is it possible that BW wouldn't have informed the Baliff that an offer like that was in a major magazine?.....I doubt it!! And can it be the offer had run for a month and no-one had ever turned up? I doubt that too!

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    she`s not the nicest person,i don't think she enjoys doing people a good turn or a favour or her job she never smiles,i know plenty of anglers who don't fish there anymore because of her


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      Yeh, you're right mate. I only live a few mile away and know plenty of guys that don't go anymore. To be honest I can put up with stroppy & miserable but when it comes to possibly trying to rip me off, then that's another matter.
      Cheers Goff.
      MR. BLUE SKY


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        I wouldnt question anything the various posters have put up about the place etc. as I have no knowledge of any of it, but in fairness I feel compelled to put this up too.

        I fished Bridge Pool at Blythe for the first time a couple of weeks ago and she seemed very eager to be pleasant, as if she was really trying. Thats how I found it.
        Whitnash Royals A.C.


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          Have pleasure fished there a few times over the last 2 years and fished several matches.Have always found her to be polite and full of information and advice.Even allowed us to switch a winter league match from one pool to another to give us more room.