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World championships groundbaiting

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  • World championships groundbaiting

    Hey guys,

    I'm a dutchmatchangler and i have a question about the last world championships in Holland.
    Many anglers had a roach line at 8-9 mtrs and balled in 12-15 big balls (50/50 mix damp leam / groundbait) holding 200ml of joker
    What is the reason of throwing that many big balls and why not cupping a few smaller balls with 200ml joker?
    Who can tell me?

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    not aloud to use cups in world champs


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      You have been allowed to use pole cups for several years now. If the guys next to you have lobbed in a load of balls you feel the need to put a similar volume of bait so they dont draw all the fish in your area and leave you fishless. I take your point though Dutch in that a softly softly aproach can work. This is something that steve Gardner has admitted to doing in the past in that if he can see signs of fish feeding in his peg before pre baiting he may not follow the team plan and ball it in. It is a bit of a risk though in that once the 5 mins pre bait is finished you cant ball it in in a big way because you can only form balls with one hand.


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        To add to what I've already posted, if it is of interest: Scotland's approach was to ball in 8 balls of secret (sived) black lake and leam with half a tub of black tracix then cupped the joker (200ml) over the top on the near line. However they then loose fed and fished maggot over the top which worked really well and lead to them dominating the hard sections. If they could have found out how England were catching bream and combined the two tactics they would have finished very high.


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          Thanks fortjag!


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            It has been very common recently to ball in a decent sized area (1m diameter perhaps) with groundbait and little feed and then cup in a joker-rich mix in a tighter area as a target to fish very accurately over.
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